Located in the beautiful country hillside of Southfield in St. Elizabeth is the Mannings Home for Boys.
The home shelters and educates abused and abandoned boys from the age of 10-18 .

Manning was formerly a Sugar Estate owned by the late Sir John Manning in 1864. In 1958 it became a government run institution which was operated by the Parish Council. Today Manning is solely for boys. The home is licensed to accommodate sixty boys. However,over the past seventeen years the home has been offering accommodation to forty (40)boys.The institution comes under the portfolio of the Ministry of Health and is supervised by the Child Development Agency since 2004.

Special thanks to The Allen Shaw Foundation and McMillan Caribbean Publishers  for their ongoing contributions.

To learn how you can be of help don't hesitate to contact me at
Or contact Manning Boys Home Director- Mr. Delroy Brown: or by phone on: 1-876-963-1338

Thank you,
Lois Samuels

June 2009